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Quickscreen Pop Up Banners

Super Stable Pop Up Banner Stand Hardware

Quickscreen self-retracting pop up banners feature two extra-wide fold-away feet for maximum stability.  This makes it perfect for high traffic areas such as shopping centres, airports and schools, where a stable banner is essential.

Single or Double Sided Banners

Choose from pop up banner hardware with one or two banners.  You can even choose a double-sided stand and use only one of the banners at a time, which gives you the flexibility of showing two completely different banners from the one stand.


The spring-loaded pop up banner cassette takes just seconds to erect.  If it takes longer than a minute to assemble, you should get your stopwatch checked.


A complete, ready to use pop up banner in its padded carry case weighs only 7 kilograms.


A complete pop up banner in its carry case measures only 0.009sqm

Easy Banner Replacement

As your pop up banner stand hardware is designed to last a lifetime, it is likely it will outlast your banner message.  The good news is that replacing your old banner with a brand new banner is easy, and can be done time and again, as many times as you wish.

We can even fit replacement banners into pop up banner stands that didn't originally come from us.  As long as the stand hardware is in reasonable condition, we can print and install replacement banners into the stands as many times as you wish.



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Pop Up Banner sizes to suit your specific needs

850mm, 1000mm or 1200mm wide and any height up to 2.4 metres for maximum eye catching effect.

Examples of popular customised banner sizes

We can customise the height to suit your specific requirement, for example:

  • 850×1200mm for table top displays
  • 850×1500mm for instore and shopping mall promotions
  • 1200×1800mm for backdrops to products at product launches
  • 1000×2075mm to create a "Stop-'em-in-the-Aisle" feature at exhibitions

Reusable stand hardware

New Product? - New Banner!
You'll be able to use your Displays 2 Go pop up banners for as many banner change-outs as you wish.

Quality Spotlight!

Optional easy-to-install, European designed, high quality 50W halogen spotlight.

Quality Construction

Manufactured to the highest production standards, with an extruded aluminium case for maximum strength and a high tensile retraction spring for thousands of trouble-free banner presentations.

Lifetime Guarantee

The Quickscreen banner stand comes with a Lifetime Guarantee on workmanship and parts.

Banner Width 850mm as standard. Also 1000 and 1200mm.
Banner Height From 1200mm to 2400mm. Standard height 2100mm.
Stability 2 Fold-away feet
Size (in carry bag) 0.1m x 0.1m x 0.9m = 0.009m (4" x 4" x 36" = 0.58 cu ft)
Weight (in carry bag) 4kg (9 lbs) for single sided, 8kg double sided.
Case construction Extruded aluminium
Spotlight 50W halogen
Items included by default 1x banner stand, 1x Carry bag

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Display panels quickly and efficiently

Hi Phil – have just received and assembled 2 x Cairo systems – they look fantastic – thank you to you and your team in helping me make this happen so quickly and efficiently!

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