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Printed Carpet Tiles

Branding on your floor can be the difference between an average looking space and an exceptional space!

Using printed exhibition carpet tiles allows you to create a unique, portable flooring solution for your event. Tiles can be positioned together to create one large image, or with separate colours on each tile to create a 'checkerboard' effect.

Take a look at the animation to see how six printed exhibition carpet tiles at 500mm x 500mm each can be postitioned together to create a larger image measuring 1.5 x 1 metre.

Printed carpet tiles are made in a size to suit you. Most popular size is 500 x 500mm.

Carpet tiles are ideal for occassions where a high resolution, shorter term solution is required, such as an exhibition or mall activation.  Take a look at a few photos for inspiration!

(Includes: Full colour digitally printed carpet with slip-resistant backing, supplied in flat tiles. Price is per square metre.)

Printed carpet is specifically designed for shorter-term applications rather than being a permenent solution. You can expect around 15 days of usage on an exhibition stand with medium to high foot traffic before you notice any signs of wear.

For typical exhibition booths and other temporary usage occassions, the tiles are easy to lay by simply positioing them on the ground in the layout you desire. 

As the carpet surface is textured it means it does not offer the same level of print resolution as other print styles on smooth surfaces, such as a glossy magazine. This means it is not suited to small text or intricate artwork.  We recommend a minimum text size of 20mm.

Note for flooring applications this is entirely acceptable as the viewing distance - which would typically be the height of a person - is greater.

As the carpet tiles are printed with dye submination print technology the ink is embedded into the fibres of the carpet, giving you high levels of colour vibrancy.

Printed carpet tiles are supplied as individual flat tiles.  Standard tile size is 500 x 500mm, which can be adjusted to your requirements.

Printed carpet tiles have a grey slip-resistant textured backing. Thickness is 4mm.  

Weight of the carpet is 900GSM, which means 0.9kg per square metre.  For a standard 500 x 500mm tile the weight is 0.225kg.

Carpet surface is 100% polyester, and is printed using dye sublimation technology.

Artwork can be supplied directly by you or your graphic designer, or if you prefer we have an in-house graphic design department to prepare your print-ready artwork.

If you'd like pricing for graphic design simply send us a brief of requirements and we'll be happy to estimate for you. When you're at the checkout page simply advise us which option you prefer.

For general instructions regarding file formats, artwork set-up, bleeds, and options for sending us artwork please be sure to review our artwork file specifications before preparing your print files. 

Note printed carpet is a heavily textured surface, meaning print resolution is low in comparison to other items you may print on.  For this reason it is important to use text that is at least 25mm in size so as to be clearly readable, and avoid the use of detailed or intricate images.

Standard production lead time for printed carpet tiles is 2.5 weeks. This time is calculated from when you place your order and print-ready artwork has been prepared.

We take pride in having one of the quickest turn arounds in the display and exhibition industry. Miracles are our specialty, so if you need something sooner than the timeframe above just ask!

Allow extra time for delivery if delivery is required. We can advise you on freight timings, which will vary according to the delivery post code.

This product is custom built to your requirements so is not for online purchase.

Click the 'Enquire Now' button or call 1300 240 250 to let us know what you need.

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