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Modular full colour LED screens

LED Walls

An LED screen or wall is the go-to solution when you need to make maximum impact over a large scale.

Most common usage environments for LED walls are:

  • Exhibitions and trade shows
  • Stadiums
  • Shopping centres
  • Schools and universities
  • Airports, train and bus stations

Each LED wall is built to a size and specification to suit you. 

They are typically constructed from 500mm x 500mm modules which are tiled together to create the full wall.  The modules are then wired and programmed to act as single, seamless wall.

Typical weight of a single module is between 9 and 12kg.

The wall resolution is measured as pixel pitch, which simply refers to the gap between each pixel - the smaller the gap the higher the resolution. 

Optimal resolution depends very much on the usage of the screen - for example an advertising screen high on the wall of an airport departure terminal does not require the same resolution as the screen in a standard retail store, in which the viewers are much closer to the screen.

We can offer you a full end-to-end service according to what you need, which can include delivery and set-up of your equipment, programming and updating, plus full remote content management and support.

Everyone's requirements are different, so just talk to us about what you need and we'll come up with a solution to suit you. 

As this product is custom built to your specification it is important to confirm your requirements prior to providing a time estimate. Most custom items take around 3 weeks to produce.

This product is custom built to your requirements so is not for online purchase.

To add custom features or for help with your requirements, click the 'Enquire Now' button or call 1300 240 250.

Enquire about LED Walls

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