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Portable Exhibition Wall Graphics

Graphics 2 Go

Designed for application directly on to your exhibition booth walls, Graphics 2 Go are a cost-effective method of creating a professional exhibition environment. The seamless wall effect created by the branded panels will give your booth a substantial visual boost. The graphics are constructed so as to be both reusable and easily transported.

Whether the exhibition booth walls have a smooth or carpeted coating, mounting your wall graphics is simple.  

Choose your preferred style of graphic: either a one-piece printed fabric with no seams, or individual folding panels with photographic-quality print. 

(Includes: Full colour digitally printed graphics that mount directly to booth walls. Available as either one-piece fabric graphics or folding panels).

Each wall section is made from either one-piece fabric graphics or folding laminated boards in 1 metre wide sections. Industrial strength VELCRO-brand adhesive is applied to the back of each panel for easy application to the carpeted exhibition walls, or if you are using them on smooth walls they are supplied with mounting / packing blocks that have adhesive on one side and VELCRO-brand fasteners on the other side. 

Unless otherwise specified, graphics are finished at a height of 2.35m to fit stylishly on 2.4m high Australian exhibition walls.

Folding panels include slit cuts so they can fold in half for storage and transportation.

A single set of Graphics 2 Go can be used successfully over multiple shows.

The panels can be used over and over again and can be easily stored and transported in sturdy Carry Bags. An entire 6m x 3m booth can fit in just 2 Carry Bags. They are extremely lightweight!

The size of each panel can be customised to fit almost any sized exhibition stand. Depending on the design and tiling of the panels, they can be displayed either as a complete wall or as individual panels. Individual replacement panels can also be produced if your message or brand changes!

Simply take them out of their carton or carry bag, unfold them and simply adhere to industrial strength Velcro backing to the exhibition carpeted wall. It is then a matter of adjusting them to make sure the design lines up correctly. (If the exhibition booth does not have carpeted walls, we can supply Velcro tape for attaching to other wall types).

It should take 1 person no more than 20 minutes to apply the graphics to a 3 metre exhibition booth with carpeted shell scheme walling.

Each panel is digitally printed, applied to a flexible or rigid backing substrate and then encapsulated with a non-glare, scratch resistant laminate for protection.

The panels can be used over and over again and can be easily stored and transported in sturdy Carry Bags. An entire 6m x 3m booth can fit in just 2 Carry Bags. They are extremely lightweight!

Exhibition Brandwall - Standard:  Exhibition Brandwall - Fabric:
1000mm wide x 2300mm high 1800mm wide x 2310mm high
1200mm wide x 2310mm high 2400mm wide x 2310mm high
  3000mm wide x 2410mm high
  6000mm wide x 2310mm high


Artwork can be supplied directly by you or your graphic designer, or if you prefer we have an in-house graphic design department to prepare your print-ready artwork.

If you'd like pricing for graphic design simply send us a brief of requirements and we'll be happy to estimate for you. When you're at the checkout page simply advise us which option you prefer.  

For general instructions regarding file formats, artwork set-up, bleeds, and options for sending us artwork please be sure to review our artwork file specifications before preparing your print files. 

A range of artwork templates is listed below for your convenience, or contact us for the template to suit your chosen product(s).

Graphics 2 Go sizing guide to suit 2m wide booth wall

Graphics 2 Go sizing guide to suit 3m wide booth wall

Graphics 2 Go sizing guide to suit 4m wide booth wall

Graphics 2 Go sizing guide to suit 6m wide booth wall

Standard production lead time for Wall-Mounted Graphics is 1.5 weeks. This time is calculated from when you place your order and print-ready artwork has been prepared. We take pride in having one of the quickest turn arounds in the display and exhibition industry. Miracles are our specialty, so if you need something sooner than the timeframes below just ask!

(The above times are calculated from the timing of your order confirmation, and in some cases the supply of your print-ready artwork if that is required to commence your job)

Allow extra time for delivery if delivery is required. We can advise you on freight timings, which will vary according to the delivery post code.

Freight pricing will be automatically calculated once all items are in your cart. Freight is calculated based on the size and weight of your combined order, as well as delivery address.

This product carries a 1 yr hardware warranty! Other products carry a 5 yr warranty and may be more suitable for multiple use over a longer period of time.

(The warranty applies to non-graphic components and is available to the original owner of the unit. The warrantee does not cover damage caused by mistreatment by the user or by normal wear and tear).

To add custom features or for help with your requirements, click the 'Enquire Now' button or call 1300 240 250.

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