Image is everything! Hire a good photographer.

We’ve been building exhibition stands for many years and we work with marketing managers and business owners who understand the importance of their brand, and delivering a consistent brand experience at every touchpoint.

Quality images

Photography sells products.

In a world where image has become everything, it’s crazy to assume that a DIY photo or image will deliver what you need for your brand.  It has never been more important to invest in good design and good photography.

So, it continues to bemuse us when we receive images and design that is clearly ‘home-spun’. We’re asked to deliver exceptional, impactful display materials whilst being given mediocre artwork and imagery. Yes, our printing processes are cutting edge and our dye sublimation processing some of the best you’ll find, but we still need high resolution images to work with.

Your smartphone will take great photos, and in the right hands can even take award winning photos, but use those photos in a large format display and they may struggle to deliver.

Product photographyRemember when you use your images online they only need to be 72 dpi resolution and are likely to be used at a small enough size that imperfections won’t be seen. Use that same image at 2.4 metres and suddenly you have a very different set of circumstances.

This is where a highly skilled photographer can be your best ally – not just for their technical expertise but also for their creativity. Proper lighting, staging and a little Photoshop editing can make surprising differences to the final result. 

When budgeting for marketing materials, allow money to invest properly in photography and imagery. You really won’t regret it. You’ll use those images time and time again. Your PR agency, your ad agency and your web agency will all thank you for the investment, because now they are free to work without both hands tied behind their back!

For help and advice with your next portable display piece, give us a call. We’ll be honest if we feel your image isn’t going to print well, because we’re here to make you look good.  And because it’s our brand on the box!

How to ruin your exhibition

We’ve been creating exhibition stands for clients for over 15 years and in that time we’ve seen some sights! Here’s five things we suggest you never do at your next exhibition.

Never leave the organisation of your stand till the last minute. It takes time to design, print and set up a good stand. It’s a decent investment, so invest in the planning to get it right. Create something you’re proud of and that represents your business appropriately.

Exhibition stand not finished

Always leave enough time to get your stand show ready.

Design it yourself
Unless you’re a graphic designer, know your strengths and leave design to the professionals. It will never look as good in reality as it did in your mind’s eye, if you ‘have a go’ yourself. Believe us!

Invest in a TV screen but have no content
It’s awesome to have a screen on your stand, but it’s only effective if its:
 a) Working
 b) You have content to show on it. Leave it to the professionals to set up and get running, and make sure what you’re displaying is good quality and representative of your company.

Sign up unmotivated staff
Many exhibitions and events are on the weekend. Don’t assume your staff want to be there working your stand for 8 hours a day. Sometimes it’s better to pay an agency to supply motivated, educated individuals that are committed to getting a good result for you.

Exhibition staff

Ensure your staff are engaging like this Shell Rep.

5. Assume everyone shares your ideal
Be sure to clearly communicate a set of behaviour protocols as to how you expect staff on your stand to behave. Don’t assume everyone shares the same objectives as you and the same sense of what is OK. Tell people what to wear. Tell them to turn off their phone. Tell them not to eat on the stand and tell them to comb their hair and wear deodorant, even if you feel you shouldn’t have to!


Experiential Marketing

It still comes as a surprise to us that many people have not heard of experiential marketing.

Many get it confused with event marketing, which is understandable given experiential campaigns do tend to be event-centric and both share the same face-to-face elements. But there are times when they have nothing to do with a specific event. In fact, when they are based around an event they tend to be less dedicated to the type of event and more focused on the interaction of the specific brand.

So what is experiential marketing, and is it right for your brand?

FACT 1: 65% of brands that use it say that it positively correlates with sales

Branding experts often refer to experiential marketing as the act of “creating unique face-to-face branded experiences.” Basically you are creating an opportunity to interact with your brand in person, and giving the recipient an experience they will ideally want to remember, and more importantly talk about and share with friends.

FACT 2:  72% percent of consumers say they positively view brands that provide great experiences

It’s important to understand that experiential marketing comes in many guises; it’s not just about a brand ambassador giving out a free sample at Circular Quay, but it is about making people STOP and THINK and LOOK at what you are doing as a brand and what experience they walk away with. It is about creating a memory that perhaps comes back to mind at the point of purchase, earning the brand both ‘consideration’ and ultimately ‘purchase’ in the buying cycle. It’s also about rewarding loyalty at times, and justifying the brand’s place in the shopping basket.

Take for example John West Australia, who have just become the world’s most sustainable tuna brand by overhauling its supply chain and only sourcing tuna certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). To get this message of sustainability across to consumers, John West launched a marketing campaign that gave everyone an experience. 

They introduced a new brand called Finnish Tuna in partnership with MSC and WWF. They distributed cans of Finnish Tuna to unsuspecting commuters – only for them to find that, when they opened the cans, there was nothing in them but water and a message, “Imagine a world without fish”. This experience was designed to make consumers think about their choices at supermarket shelves and the impact they can have on the environment.

FACT 3:  78% of millennials would rather spend money on a memorable experience or event than buy desirable things.

Another great promotion was by Guinness, targeting millennials with aspirations. For a few weeks, ambassadors dressed in Guinness-branded flight attendant uniforms entered bars across the U.K., where they surprised unsuspecting customers with a chance to win all kinds of prizes. To enter the promotion, bar-goers had to order a pint of Guinness and then got to shake a mobile tablet that generated a prize on screen. Prizes included simple giveaways like passport cases and key rings but one player per night would get the ultimate prize: A free trip to Dublin — via private jet, of course — with four mates.

The important thing to point out here was that Guinness did not change any of their actual products and got across the key message that held the brand up as one that doesn’t “settle for the ordinary.

FACT 4:  49% of consumers create mobile video at branded events39% of which is shared on Twitter

Although experiential marketing is about the face-to-face experience it’s still wise to have an online dialogue around the campaign. The clever brands leverage the interactions and communicate them to masses using social media. The use of branded hashtags is a good way to get people talking. We all know that if you provide consumers with a great experience they will want to share it, and with social media being at our fingertips every second of the day, what better way to get your brand out there.

Next time you have that crazy idea and need someone to help with your experiential campaign to create a bespoke portable display, create a lightweight sampling table or even a selection of vendor trays, give us a call.  We have years of experience doing exactly this, and can certainly help to make your vision come to life.

Promotional Pricing

One of the major factors in any purchasing decision is price. We all know that everyone likes to think that they got a bargain. So, in any promotion, pricing is an important part. Firstly, you need to decide what the perceived value of the item is and then what consumers will be willing to pay for it. Once you have this figure in your mind it is easier to create a promotion. Price promotions come in all shapes and sizes these days as we have to take into consideration the online shopper as well as the ‘physical’ shopper.

Promotional pricing

For instance, to encourage consumers to buy a product, you may offer:

  • Instant money off
  • Future coupons / online vouchers
  • Free product trial
  • Free shipping and delivery
  • Competitions

However, depending on the consumer group you are targeting it is often better to bundle offers to get people to purchase now and afterwards. To this end, bundling is becoming increasingly popular.  It is gaining traction as a very useful marketing tool as it enables you to target selected audiences by giving them the offerings that they will be most receptive to. This reduces the amount of time and money spent on implementing promotional programs down the line.

For example if we were promoting a new yogurt we would probably want to run a campaign that encouraged consumers to participate in a free trial.

Physical Consumer – Taste and Purchase

Displays 2 Go Demonstration Table

This could be done by having an in-store sampling team handing out free samples, perhaps accomplished by either setting up a portable demonstration table or employing one of the mobile sampling units such as a vendor tray or the click stand. The promotional talent would then be able to talk to the consumer and after the trial, offer them an instant reward of a money-off voucher to use in-store.


Online Consumer – Sign up and Taste

Sampling Promotions

Offer consumers the chance to get a free sample of the product either delivered to their door or with an online voucher that can be used when they shop online or can be scanned at the checkout. They can only receive this by going onto the website and registering online. This way you get the consumer’s details and are able to market to them again in the future.

Both methods work well but the key difference is who your target audience is and what they perceive the value of the product to be. Many members of generation Y would not flinch at giving out their email address whilst other generations would prefer the ‘here and now’ approach of tasting and receiving an instant reward.

Displays 2 Go have a wealth of experience when it comes to sampling-campaigns so next time you have a new product to get out into the marketplace give the team a call and let’s see how we can help make a difference.

Seeing is believing

Sometimes looks can be deceiving, and it’s only when you are actually up close and personal  that you realise the thing you think you are looking at is in fact something completely different. This is something we are all too familiar with at Displays 2 Go because in our industry we are often asked to create a structure that looks like one thing but has the attributes of something else. It’s quite an art form, and requires a specialised set of design skills, more akin to the theatre designer making props for a specific show. To an extent we’re creating an illusion.

A Natural Choice

Take for instance one demonstration table concept we created for a client. Their brief was to design a table that fitted in with their brand that looked natural and classic but most importantly was easy to assemble and could be moved around from place-to-place easily. The obvious choice was wood – a nice natural product that fitted with their vibe. However this would never work, as wood is heavy and cumbersome to transport, so we came up with another solution. If we wanted the wood look we could design and manufacture this using a printed effect. The finished product looked great, using a combination of two types of print to give some authenticity and character.

Displays 2 Go - 8 Bar plinth The Metro Barn

Another example of this is when we were asked to create a display solution that Mainland Cheese could take on the road. The roadshow had to align with their marketing campaign which centred on the the concept of “Taste the goodness of Time.” We were required to use modern materials, but retain an authentic rural and historical feel. We created this pop up gazebo, with full fabric graphics to give the look of an old, stone, cheese shed. We added accessories such as an old barrel and a fly fishing rod to give authenticity. A huge success. Displays 2 Go - Gazebo The Beehive

This example just shows how realistic our printing can be. These plinths were designed to look like beehives to bring to life the beauty products that were being showcased, indicating that real manuka honey goes into their products.

Displays 2 Go Plinths These examples show how the print and display industry has moved with the times, and the products that we print on today and the quality of the print are so much more advanced than before. Take for example our fabric products – these are not only simple to store, easy to assemble and look great – they also use a dye sublimated print solution. This method produces graphics that are vivid and stunning and can be washed over and over again. The fabric graphic is constructed as a sleeve and slips over a frame and is zipped tight to get the perfect fit. This method of display can be used for walls and backdrops, pedestals and demonstration tables.

SuperWall, Super Easy

The SuperWalls below are fabric and make the perfect corner booth for any display. They take roughly 10 minutes to assemble, making an instant impact. IMG_9807

We’re on fire

Take a look at this display – again fabric but the use of lights creates the effect of a fire. Displays 2 Go - Fabric Displays

Naughty but nice

Another fabric display we created was for the premiere of Fifty Shades of Grey where we were asked to produce a 10 metre wide wall, and printed on this wall was the man himself, Mr Grey. Looking at the finished display you really had to look twice to see if it was a real person standing there or not.

Displays 2 Go - SuperWall There are many more examples we can show, but the main point we are trying to make here is that anything is possible and sometimes the only thing that stops us creating what we want is our own imagination. So the next time you have a project or need some inspiration then come and have a chat to our team and let’s see what magic we can create together.

The power of visual impact

It’s clear that visual impact is still one of the most powerful ways to attract attention. Regardless of whether it’s a moving image on a device or whether it’s a graphic on a stand, we are all attracted to things that look good.

Looking good - Displays 2 go

And it’s no different when we come to market our company, ourselves or our products.  We all want our efforts to attract customers to consider our product and make a purchase. So, what is the best way to do this in today’s age where technology rules?  Is there still a place for display solutions such as banner stands and display walls?

The answer? Of course there is, otherwise we would need a lot fewer staff around here!  As with all things there are many ways to reach your target audience and, yes, social media is one of them, but there are still heaps of brands out there that need to provide an experience rather than just a static display.  Making an experience memorable can be greatly enhanced with the right display solutions.

Displays 2 Go - Mall display

Imagine this… you walk into your local grocery store and see a girl standing next to the chocolate aisle with what looks like a picnic table in front of her, and some samples. You are not even sure if she should be there and maybe the only reason you take notice is because she looks so out of place. You walk past, avoiding eye contact as you are not sure whether you will ‘qualify’ for a sample or not.

Now imagine this… you walk into the grocery store and see a girl resplendent in a branded uniform with a big display wall behind her and a branded demonstration table to her side containing chocolate samples. There is a crowd around her and she is talking to the customers about the new product. You walk past and wait to sample the chocolate as you want to know what all the fuss is about. You’re compelled to stop for fear of missing out!

Cadbury Demonstration Table - Displays 2 Go Cadbury Demo Table - Displays 2 go

There you have it… the impact of a branded display has not only attracted your attention but it has confirmed that this is a free sampling exercise by a branded company and you actually took time out to try it. The display has worked it’s magic by efficiently and effectively drawing you in and then supplying you with an experience that your eyes and taste buds appreciated and will remember!   

The above scenario illustrates how and why having the right equipment and graphics not only helps to promote your product/company but gives you the facility to get certain messages across in a way that enhances your professional image.

So next time you need to make an impact, think about what people routinely see as they go about their business and how to grab their attention in ways that are anything but routine. Check out our huge array of display solutions at


Pull Up Banners – 3 of the best.

There are many names for these types of displays. Some people call them banners, banner stands, pop up banners and even pull up banner stands.  They are all basically the same thing and they all do an important job – grab attention, and quickly get your message across in an impactful way.

Bannerstands - Displays 2 Go

We have eight different types of banner stand on offer at Displays 2 Go, all varying in size and shape, but today we want to talk to you about our three most popular styles.

The Blade Stand

This stand is the very latest in banner stand technology. With a sleek and modern finish the Blade Stand is simple to assemble and easy to re-brand. The graphic is printed in a single piece and slides over the frame of the stand like a pillow case, zipping up at the base. This creates a clean, smooth finish with no visible frame, giving you maximum space to get your message across.  Take multiple graphics to your next event and swap them out to freshen your booth.

Not only is it easy to assemble but it is also highly portable and lightweight meaning that you can basically take it anywhere. Being fabric, the graphic is washable so it always looks like new.  The low sheen finish inhibits reflection and it’s double sided.

This style has become particularly popular with clients who need to regularly update their graphics, as replacing the graphic is as simple as posting out a new ‘skin’ to slide onto the existing frame.

Blade Stand - Displays 2 Go

The Premier Banner Stand

The Premier banner stand is still our most popular stand, due to its bullet-proof reliability and ease-of-use. It is ideally suited to conferences, trade-shows, road shows and retail outlets. What lifts this stand above the crowd of ‘look-a-like’ banners is the high-tensile steel retraction spring that runs the full width of the banner. This spring – the ‘heart’ of a pull-up banner – is what gives the banner its strength and longevity, and you peace of mind that the the hardware will not fail you when you need it most.  It’s what allows us to offer a lifetime guarantee on the hardware in the stand.

Displays 2 Go - Premier Banner StandThe Quickscreen Pull Up Stand

The Quickscreen is a highly portable screen weighing in at roughly 5kg (including printed banner). It has a full aluminium body and is super robust.  It is designed specifically for use in high traffic and/or outdoor conditions, with the addition of oversized fold-out feet to increase the footprint of the stand. This hardware has a spring-loaded pop up banner cassette which takes just seconds to erect, and it comes with the same Lifetime Hardware Guarantee as the Premier.

Displays 2 Go - Quickscreen Pop Up Banner

So there you have it, three highly effective portable displays solutions that take minutes to erect and are guaranteed to make an impact. Take a look at our website for more details or give us a call on 1 300 240 250.

Digital Displays – our changing world

It seems that everything we do these days involves some sort of digital device – whether it’s shopping, looking for a new house, chatting with our friends and even going out for a meal. The use of digital media is growing and it’s easy to see why.

Displays 2 Go - Multimedia solutions


Dynamic displays have an instant effect on us.  They can grab our attention, they can interact with us and they can sell to us! They give marketers a chance to engage with an audience and capture information without personally having to be in attendance. They also give us a chance to make an impression and for that experience to stay with the customer for a long time.

Let me describe an hour of my life last week when I took my daughter to buy a new pair of shoes. In this story you will see how and why digital marketing is so important and cannot be ignored.

Engage and Entice – My daughter and I walked into a shopping mall with the specific intention of getting some new shoes.  On the way in I see a digital sign that captures my attention – it’s bright and bold and looks like it’s about to jump out at me!  It’s nothing to do with buying shoes but it has told me that McDonald’s has a deal on today.   Hmmm… maybe we will grab some for lunch!

Interaction –  I continue my trip into the mall but I need to know where the shoe shop is, so instead of asking at the information booth (which no longer exists) I go to the digital touch screen display and type in the name of the store I want to find. Bingo! (Of course they’re missing a trick here as they could also let me know about a special they have on today.)

Displays 2 Go - Digital multi media displays


Experience – I take my daughter into the shoe shop and get her feet measured, which is no longer as simple as taking your shoes off and standing on a measuring pad. My daughter is given an iPad and is asked to choose a character. This character then talks to my daughter and asks her to stand in a certain place. The iPad is inserted into the device and digitally measures her feet. Once we have the size my daughter selects which shoes she likes and the assistant goes and gets them. Buying shoes used to be an ordeal, but now my daughter is engaged in the process and is interested, and positively intrigued as to what comes next. The store has captured her imagination, and she’s fascinated.

Displays 2 Go - digital displays


Capture info and create a bond – After purchasing the shoes my daughter says goodbye to the character (on the iPad – who has been dancing for her whilst she has been trying on the shoes) and is then asked for an email address so the character can send her some cool pictures and games. Clever.

Choice and Self Service – We head over to McDonald’s and go to the digital screen where we can design our burgers and order our lunch without even speaking a word!  It was easy, and I was able to select each option I wanted so there were no misunderstandings or any one to blame if the order was wrong.  But at the risk of sounding old-fashioned, it did seem strange to complete my order without face-to-face interaction with another human.

Displays 2 Go - digital displays


So, there we have it.  I was in the mall for approximately one hour and not only did I buy some shoes for my daughter but I was also sold to numerous times, interacted with digital devices, ordered my own lunch without a word and gave my email address away, again.

The world we live in is constantly changing and the way we market and do business is too. That’s why it is imperative that we understand what is out there and how we can use it to sell our products and to market to individuals in a non-intrusive way.

Displays 2 Go has a great range of digital displays ranging from iPad stands to a fully fitted multi media wall.  Take a look, and see how we can help your business look good.

It’s more than just an exhibition stand

For all the developments within the exhibition arena over the last twenty years, the essence of what makes a good exhibition stand has not really changed.  They are still all about creating a presence,  promoting your brand and showcasing your products. But, the way you do this is what has changed. No longer are people simply drawn to colourful graphics and a product demo – these days you have to be a lot more creative about how you design your stand.

Displays2Go - Exhibitions stands

The design of a stand should ideally generate multiple touch points to maximise engagement with visitors.  A good design drives visitor participation whilst on your stand, using content of varying degrees of duration and depth of involvement.  Without engagement a stand risks being unmemorable and the brand experience forgotten, leading to results that fall short of the exhibitor’s objectives.

At Displays 2 Go we use several principles to deliver stand engagement, which broadly come under the styles of of ‘encourage’, ‘enable’ and ‘guide’.

Hands-On Learning

Provide digital tools to encourage further brand immersion – multimedia displays solutions provide anything from touch screen TVs to an iPad display counter that can link to further product knowledge or digital & web assets.

Product Handling

Often stand visitors need to touch and feel the products on display in order to properly understand them, which can require the development of a tactile component or experience. Developing innovative ways of displaying feature products on a stand requires some clever lateral thinking, as well as staying dialed in to the “qualitative” experience around the product. 

Displays2Go - Exhibition Stand

Brand Experience

With a selection of stands all fighting for presence, clients often ask us to ensure they stand out from the crowd. Creating unique brand experiences and introducing game-play and fun activities into your stands can ensure a memorable interaction between stand, brand and visitor.

Taste and Trial

If it’s food or drink that you’re showcasing you’ll need display equipment that is not only food grade, but is designed to give enough space to demonstrate effectively and enable clients to easily try your product. A combination of exhibition stand and mobile sampling trays or trolleys may be a solution, which not only gets your product tasted but also gets your brand ambassadors out in the crowd to answer questions and make the experience a memorable one!

Displays 2 Go - SamplingCommercial Discussion

For some clients, an exhibition stand is where deals are brokered. Participation is face-to-face and requires a longer engagement time, discussing sensitive topics and negotiating the finer points of a deal. For these, more private and seated space is important – a quiet area away from the crowds, and of course a nice coffee or cold glass of water always goes down well!

The last but by no means least to consider is:


Although not a factor most people will consciously notice, the flow of visitors through your stand is just as important as the look and feel.  Often the movement of people around a stand is forgotten among other considerations, but it’s vital to take into account where visitors are likely to stop, and where each element should appear within an exhibition stand to drive maximum effect.

In order for design to be effective, as a stand builder we need to know the objectives of the exhibitor. For instance, are we trying to gather email addresses for a database, or encourage trial of a product, or make one-off larger sales with a few key individuals? This will directly affect the layout of a stand and how we encourage visitors to move within the stand.

On a corner site vs a centre site, people will flow around the stand very differently. As designers, are we happy to accept free movement and flow, or do we need to design a user journey into the stand layout, forcing behaviour through design and build?
Displays 2 Go Exhibition Stand

Whatever your goal is for your stand, make sure you think about the whole picture. Designing for an exhibition, conference or event is not like designing for a poster or an ad campaign. It requires a special set of skills that combine considerations such as 3D design, large format artwork production, good knowledge of printing processes and a solid understanding of stand materials. So, next time you are thinking about promoting your product why not pick up the phone and have a chat with us.

Wall Graphics for Exhibition Display Walls

We all know that first impressions count, and never more so than in a crowded exhibition hall. So how can you make sure that you stand out and that your booth makes an impact?

One of the most important features of an exhibition stand are the graphics, because people are always attracted to what they see. Choosing your graphics is not always an easy decision but it is crucial that you understand the differences and select one that is right for you.

There are four different ways to create graphics for your exhibition display walls. Let’s take a look at each option:


A fabric display wall consists of a single, one piece fabric graphic along each section of wall in your booth. It has Velcro stitched onto the rear side so it is very easy to attach, and because the entire graphic is in one piece there are no seams or joins. This type of graphic does rely on you getting a wall at your venue.


Easy to assemble

No seams or joins

Easy to transport

Low light reflection

High quality graphics

fabric display wall


Folding laminated display boards are generally created in 1 metre-wide sections and fold into thirds for easy transportation. They mount to walls easily with the use of Velcro. The graphics are trimmed so that they line up perfectly to create a great overall effect, even though the graphics are in segments.


Easy to assemble

Photographic quality graphics

Good portability

Graphics 2 Go - folding laminated panels (5)


These roll up boards are very similar to the laminated boards but instead of being folded they are rolled. They are also created in 1 metre-wide sections and mounted with Velcro. They have a magnetic edging on the side of each panel which enables the boards to neatly connect to each other to create a seamless finish. These types of boards are a little less popular these days as they are more cumbersome to work with and have been superseded by other solutions.


High quality graphics

Good portability

Graphics 2 Go - folding panels


Last but by no means least is our “BYO Pop Up Display Wall” and yes it does literally mean that you bring your own portable light weight wall to the exhibition. No more worrying about what type of wall is at the exhibition venue.  We will supply you with a graphic display wall that is self supporting. This type of wall can be used as a backdrop stand or display wall. It’s free-standing and can be placed in front of your booth wall or it can actually attach to the wall behind.


Dye sublimated fabric graphic

Easy to assemble

No seams or joins

Easy to transport (it even comes in it’s own carry bag)

Low light reflection

Versatile and multi use

Display Wall - Displays2Go

So, now that you have read all this information we hope you are more aware of the options that are available to you and able to make an informed decision about which option is best for you. However, if it’s all still a bit of a minefield for you – don’t worry, just give us a call and one of our friendly and experienced sales team members can help you. We even have a showroom which you are more than welcome to visit and we can show you the options.