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Floor Standing Brandframe

The floor standing Brandframe is designed to stand on its own, without being attached to any other structure.

Choose a straight wall, a set of corner walls, a three-sided booth or even something more elaborate.  Just let us know what you need.  

Made to suit you

Every Brandframe display is customised to suit your individual requirements. 

Most popular widths are three metres and six metres to work in exhibition spaces, however the walls can be made in any size. 

Need a double sided wall, or multiple sections joined together? It's all easy with the Brandframe.

Choose a lighting solution that suits you

1.  Our standard Brandrame with vibrant, easy-to-change graphics.

2.  The Brandframe Glow is an illuminated style that uses LED lighting inside the frame to shine out through your graphics to create a giant "lightbox" effect.

3.  Upgrade to programmable LED lights inside your wall, allowing you to tell a story in seconds or highlight key components of your brand and any special offers. Update your programming with every new graphic installed for a fresh message.  

1. Brandframe

2. Brandframe Glow

3. Dynamic Brandframe

Floor standig brandframe LED floor standing brand frame glow LED Brandframe Dynamic floor standing
 Made in a size to suit you.  An illuminated lightbox display using
LED lights. The lighting adds 
style and draws attention.
A programmed illuminated display. 
Highlights key product
components or offers. 


How Brandframe worksbrandframe-how-it-works

The Brandframe system is a clever combination of aluminium framing and vibrant graphics printed on specialised fabric. 

Being aluminium makes the frame very versatile, so can be used as a free-standing display, hung from a ceiling or mounted to a wall.  The printed graphics are finished with silicone edges, allowing for a perfect fit and easy graphic changeover without tools. 

If the graphics are to be combined with backlighting we'll print onto a special fabric designed for the job, allowing your graphics to have maximum vibrancy and crisp colour reproduction.  

Changing graphics is easy

One of the key reasons for the Brandframe's popularity is the ease with which graphics can be changed, without the need for expert installers or tools.  We just post you out your replacement graphic, it slots into the frame, and the job is done!  

Whether it's a price promotion, a sampling campaign or a mall activation... have as many or as few graphic changeovers as suits you.

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Special requirements:


Small stand packs a punch

Hi Phil,

As promised attached are photos of our Expo booth.  We were really pleased with the finished product; even though a small unit it caught the eye and interest of many people.

Thanks again for a wonderful job, we look forward to using it many more times.

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