Pack like a Pro?

D2G - how to pack a suitcaseWhether you’re going on a business trip or a taking a holiday in the sun, one thing is for certain: you will need to pack.

Packing – or rather how much you pack – used to be a matter of personal preference. But as airlines turn the screws on personal baggage allowance, packing has become a financial decision too. We all know the benefits of just having carry on and ideally all of us would like to travel with light hand luggage but when you are on a business trip and need to take some marketing paraphernalia that’s not easy.

Here are some top tips for packing light and packing right!

Think before you pack

The days of taking everything are long gone so think about what you need and where you are going. If you are on a business trip, think strategically and mix and match – take clothes that work together as outfits, and shoes that work with everything.

Know your carry on rules

D2G - LuggageDifferent airlines have different carry on requirements, so check your bag is acceptable – both in size and weight – before you go. If you’re flying with equipment for work then make sure the bag can fit in the overhead cabins. If it’s going in the hold then make sure the bag is strong and its contents can withstand the handling.

D2G - Carry case


At Displays 2 Go we have designed our carry cases to be lightweight and versatile. For instance our Fabric Display Superwalls are designed to fit neatly into one small case, we use aluminium clip frames and a fabric sleeve so it’s lightweight and can be taken on board as hand luggage. The case can also double as a demonstration table! See how easy it is to assemble in this video.


Transportation Security Administration (TSA) friendly bags save a lot of time at security check points as your laptop can stay in your bag. So if you prefer to travel with a separate computer bag, look for one that is TSA friendly. There are 3 designs that are currently accepted.

D2G - TSA friendly

As with all electronics, you need to have chargers and all the accessories that go with it, including adapters if you are travelling internationally. If you’re checking a bag, pack all your gadgets in your carry-on and never pack a device in a bag separate from its charger!

D2G - gadgets

Make use of the shoes

Shoes are bulky and heavy – and also, admittedly, necessary – so make use of the space inside. This is the perfect place to stuff your socks, pants, swimming costumes. A good way to take up less space is to pack your shoes heel-to-toe, and pack around the outside of the case.  Always put heavy items like this at the bottom of your case.

Pack like a pro

Are you a roller, a folder or a bundle wrapper? These are the 3 most popular approaches to packing, so which one are you?

D2G - roll-clothes-packingThe Roller – Fold each item in half, then carefully coil it up before placing it in your carry-on and filling all the corners. Ensure your clothes are tightly rolled and then tightly packed in your suit case to avoid creases creeping in.




The Folder – Fold your clothes as you would at home, then place them between sheets of dry-cleaner plastic (or tissue), which helps keep wrinkles away.

Also consider leaving items on their hangers so you can just pop them into the hotel closet upon arrival.




D2G - bundle wrapping 2The Bundle Wrapper – Start with smaller items and wrap these in a T-shirt, then continue to wrap all your clothes leaving the shirts and blazer to last. The wrapper is not that easy to explain and as with most things a picture paints a thousand words so watch this video and be amazed!