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Stepping into the light

When marketing a product, 93% of consumers identify visual appearance as one of the most important factors when shopping*. With this is mind, it is crucial that whatever you’re trying to sell or present is well lit and attracts attention.

Lighting Shop Display WindowTake a window display in a shopping mall for instance.  What gets you to turn your head and look? It could be a number of things: movement, colour or light, but one thing’s for sure; you would not even give the window a second glance if it was in pitch darkness.

So, what do you need to think about when you are lighting up a display? Here are a few tips to get you started:

– consider other colours to create drama, not just a white light

– use spotlights to pick out key information, brand imagery or to light up dark corners

– light up your brand logo so everyone knows who you are

– draw attention to your product by lighting the stand it sits on

– place light behind fabric to make it shine through the whole display

With this in mind, what products are out there to light up displays and get more attention?


LED lights are the preferred choice for illuminating most displays and exhibitions these days. Not only are they 80% more efficient than a normal light bulb, they last longer, are smaller in size and are more robust. All our stands can be fitted with LED lights to add more impact and really light up your message.

Brandstand NZ - Led Lighting DisplayThe low voltage lighting used in shop displays is also very effective, whether it’s lighting up an acrylic box, a poster or some shelving. The lights are all cantilevered with 180 degree adjustable heads enabling you to get the perfect position.


Give your image some depth and clarity with the illuminated light box. These innovative boxes are ultra slim and highly effective. They are the ideal display solution for retail outlets, exhibitions, restaurants, bars, airports and more. They come in all sorts of styles so can be used on a poster stand, a wall, a mirror or a writing board.

They run on a 12 volt system, so are easy to install, offer low heat output and don’t contain mercury, providing the smallest carbon footprint available.

Brandstand NZ - Lightbox


Displays 2 Go - portable plinthsUsing a display pedestal or plinth with in-built lighting is one of the most effective ways to draw attention to your display. The light can be directed upwards through the top of the plinth, shining on to any item sitting on top, or out through the sides of the plinth as well. As a general rule the plinth top will feature a frosted or colour tinted acrylic or Perspex, which will enable the light to shine through.

Our LED lighting modules can be supplied with a scroll-wheel remote, allowing you to achieve a wide variety of colour options to suit your individual environment and requirements.  Lights can be programmed to stay as a static colour, flash, or fade in and out, and even change from one colour to another.



The Lightbox plinths create a stunning effect.  They’re simple and stylish with an aluminium frame in combination with a hard-wearing, melamine-coated MDF top.  Three faces of the plinth are custom finished in your chosen corporate colour, logo or graphics, and the fourth face features a stylish light box sitting behind your graphic.

Brandstand NZ - lightbox plinthsAll images can be changed out with ease, giving you the flexibility to customise your promotional message or highlight a new product according to your specific requirements. A great solution for dark corners or to show off your products whilst sitting on a plinth.


Of course, if LED lighting doesn’t suit your needs there are other low voltage lighting options available.  These can be tailor made to your specific requirements so just give us a call and we can work out what you need.

The one thing to remember in all of this is that light and the visual appearance of your message, brand or product is critical to the way it is received by your customers, so ensure you make an informed decision to get the best results.

To discuss any of these options further, please give us a call on 1300 240 250  or drop us an email.

* Kissmetrics infographic


Lights, Exhibition, Action!

D2G - Lighting Exhibition StandWhether you are planning a new design for your exhibition stand or you just need to update your old stand,  lighting should be an important consideration. It is a flexible sales tool that can not only influence where people look but how long they stay on your stand.

There are some that say proper lighting can increase awareness of your exhibition stand by 30-50%.  Strong lighting works like a beacon to draw people in where as soft lighting can be seen as more ‘relaxing’, a place where you can sit and learn more about the product.  The important thing is to know what message you are trying to portray and what feel you want on your stand. It maybe that you have different areas that require different lighting so make sure you design the stand to suit your needs.

D2G LightsIt’s not only the intensity and brightness of the lights that can have an affect on atmosphere but colours are just as important to evoke a mood. A strong white or yellow light shouts “look at me” whilst a blue soft light can say “come and talk to us” have a coffee and a chat! In a crowded, competitive exhibition hall you’d be surprised how much impact you can create with good lighting.

You can also use your own lighting to neutralise the effect of natural light shining through a window.  The most common time this can be an issue is when you have a display that backs onto a window on a sunny day, causing light to pass through your graphics and compromise their appearance. You can use your own lighting to shine on to the display, and thereby neutralise the effect of the light through the window; provided your lights are stronger, the problem is immediately eliminated.

Top Tip

Don’t solely judge your lighting by looking at your stand from 10m away. It’s good to get in there, walk around your stand and experience it.

Your decisions around lighting should be made with your audience in mind. A young crowd will expect a more daring approach compared to an older, more traditional audience. Our Plinths with Lighting are really effective and with  a click of a button you can change the colour and mood of your display instantly. However,  be aware of sensory overload – you don’t want to drive people away after you have worked hard to draw them in!

Types of Lighting

We found some really useful tips from Kaitlin Colston, on her hello blog,  which we’d like to share with you.


D2G - spotlights

Spotlights are brilliant for providing a focus on key messages and drawing attention to products. Use them to create a ‘hero’ element within your stand whilst also creating light and shadow thereby giving visitors a more dynamic and dramatic visual experience.

Soft Lamps

D2G - softlighting

Use soft lamps and more ambient light sources when you want to create a warm inviting atmosphere, that encourages your visitors to relax and talk.

Up-lightsD2G - Uplights Exhibition

Use up-lights to create atmosphere and provide some perimeter lighting to create depth and interest. If you have a colour theme, then consider using the up-lights to emphasise and compliment your theme. Up-lights are an effective way to create that ‘WOW’ factor.


A gobo is a beam of light with a metal stencil over it that creates a pattern. They can project any pattern or design or company logo. Project gobo’s onto walls, ceilings and floors to add visual interest and create a dynamic atmosphere.

D2G - Gobo Exhibition

Light shows

Grab attention with a light show where a number of lights constantly move or flash in a repeating sequence. This can be a dramatic way to herald an awards ceremony or speeches – a dramatic way to quieten a crowd and build excitement.

D2G - Lightshows

Electrics and Current Draw

Working out your electrical needs can be really hard. You’re expected to know what you want when you book your stand, but things change and you may need to make changes when you enter the exhibition hall. Suddenly everyone’s talking amps and volts and none of it seems to make any sense! At Displays 2 Go, we understand lighting and we understand electrics. Let us help you define a lighting scheme and then work out how much power you need on your stand. Our service-led approach means we can complete the paperwork for you and work with the exhibition organisers to ensure your stand is perfect.

We have a full range of LED lighting so we can reduce your amps consumption and keep the on-site electricians happy. We also stock a wide range of other lighting options including the Circular Tower Pop-Ups to make sure we create the effect you require.