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Digital Displays – our changing world

It seems that everything we do these days involves some sort of digital device – whether it’s shopping, looking for a new house, chatting with our friends and even going out for a meal. The use of digital media is growing and it’s easy to see why.

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Dynamic displays have an instant effect on us.  They can grab our attention, they can interact with us and they can sell to us! They give marketers a chance to engage with an audience and capture information without personally having to be in attendance. They also give us a chance to make an impression and for that experience to stay with the customer for a long time.

Let me describe an hour of my life last week when I took my daughter to buy a new pair of shoes. In this story you will see how and why digital marketing is so important and cannot be ignored.

Engage and Entice – My daughter and I walked into a shopping mall with the specific intention of getting some new shoes.  On the way in I see a digital sign that captures my attention – it’s bright and bold and looks like it’s about to jump out at me!  It’s nothing to do with buying shoes but it has told me that McDonald’s has a deal on today.   Hmmm… maybe we will grab some for lunch!

Interaction –  I continue my trip into the mall but I need to know where the shoe shop is, so instead of asking at the information booth (which no longer exists) I go to the digital touch screen display and type in the name of the store I want to find. Bingo! (Of course they’re missing a trick here as they could also let me know about a special they have on today.)

Displays 2 Go - Digital multi media displays


Experience – I take my daughter into the shoe shop and get her feet measured, which is no longer as simple as taking your shoes off and standing on a measuring pad. My daughter is given an iPad and is asked to choose a character. This character then talks to my daughter and asks her to stand in a certain place. The iPad is inserted into the device and digitally measures her feet. Once we have the size my daughter selects which shoes she likes and the assistant goes and gets them. Buying shoes used to be an ordeal, but now my daughter is engaged in the process and is interested, and positively intrigued as to what comes next. The store has captured her imagination, and she’s fascinated.

Displays 2 Go - digital displays


Capture info and create a bond – After purchasing the shoes my daughter says goodbye to the character (on the iPad – who has been dancing for her whilst she has been trying on the shoes) and is then asked for an email address so the character can send her some cool pictures and games. Clever.

Choice and Self Service – We head over to McDonald’s and go to the digital screen where we can design our burgers and order our lunch without even speaking a word!  It was easy, and I was able to select each option I wanted so there were no misunderstandings or any one to blame if the order was wrong.  But at the risk of sounding old-fashioned, it did seem strange to complete my order without face-to-face interaction with another human.

Displays 2 Go - digital displays


So, there we have it.  I was in the mall for approximately one hour and not only did I buy some shoes for my daughter but I was also sold to numerous times, interacted with digital devices, ordered my own lunch without a word and gave my email address away, again.

The world we live in is constantly changing and the way we market and do business is too. That’s why it is imperative that we understand what is out there and how we can use it to sell our products and to market to individuals in a non-intrusive way.

Displays 2 Go has a great range of digital displays ranging from iPad stands to a fully fitted multi media wall.  Take a look, and see how we can help your business look good.

It’s more than just an exhibition stand

For all the developments within the exhibition arena over the last twenty years, the essence of what makes a good exhibition stand has not really changed.  They are still all about creating a presence,  promoting your brand and showcasing your products. But, the way you do this is what has changed. No longer are people simply drawn to colourful graphics and a product demo – these days you have to be a lot more creative about how you design your stand.

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The design of a stand should ideally generate multiple touch points to maximise engagement with visitors.  A good design drives visitor participation whilst on your stand, using content of varying degrees of duration and depth of involvement.  Without engagement a stand risks being unmemorable and the brand experience forgotten, leading to results that fall short of the exhibitor’s objectives.

At Displays 2 Go we use several principles to deliver stand engagement, which broadly come under the styles of of ‘encourage’, ‘enable’ and ‘guide’.

Hands-On Learning

Provide digital tools to encourage further brand immersion – multimedia displays solutions provide anything from touch screen TVs to an iPad display counter that can link to further product knowledge or digital & web assets.

Product Handling

Often stand visitors need to touch and feel the products on display in order to properly understand them, which can require the development of a tactile component or experience. Developing innovative ways of displaying feature products on a stand requires some clever lateral thinking, as well as staying dialed in to the “qualitative” experience around the product. 

Displays2Go - Exhibition Stand

Brand Experience

With a selection of stands all fighting for presence, clients often ask us to ensure they stand out from the crowd. Creating unique brand experiences and introducing game-play and fun activities into your stands can ensure a memorable interaction between stand, brand and visitor.

Taste and Trial

If it’s food or drink that you’re showcasing you’ll need display equipment that is not only food grade, but is designed to give enough space to demonstrate effectively and enable clients to easily try your product. A combination of exhibition stand and mobile sampling trays or trolleys may be a solution, which not only gets your product tasted but also gets your brand ambassadors out in the crowd to answer questions and make the experience a memorable one!

Displays 2 Go - SamplingCommercial Discussion

For some clients, an exhibition stand is where deals are brokered. Participation is face-to-face and requires a longer engagement time, discussing sensitive topics and negotiating the finer points of a deal. For these, more private and seated space is important – a quiet area away from the crowds, and of course a nice coffee or cold glass of water always goes down well!

The last but by no means least to consider is:


Although not a factor most people will consciously notice, the flow of visitors through your stand is just as important as the look and feel.  Often the movement of people around a stand is forgotten among other considerations, but it’s vital to take into account where visitors are likely to stop, and where each element should appear within an exhibition stand to drive maximum effect.

In order for design to be effective, as a stand builder we need to know the objectives of the exhibitor. For instance, are we trying to gather email addresses for a database, or encourage trial of a product, or make one-off larger sales with a few key individuals? This will directly affect the layout of a stand and how we encourage visitors to move within the stand.

On a corner site vs a centre site, people will flow around the stand very differently. As designers, are we happy to accept free movement and flow, or do we need to design a user journey into the stand layout, forcing behaviour through design and build?
Displays 2 Go Exhibition Stand

Whatever your goal is for your stand, make sure you think about the whole picture. Designing for an exhibition, conference or event is not like designing for a poster or an ad campaign. It requires a special set of skills that combine considerations such as 3D design, large format artwork production, good knowledge of printing processes and a solid understanding of stand materials. So, next time you are thinking about promoting your product why not pick up the phone and have a chat with us.