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Office sampling

Over the last few months we’ve seen a huge spike in office sampling campaigns. Marketers have recognized this segment as a huge, untapped opportunity, with large numbers of professional people gathered in one place.

Office Sampling - Displays 2 GoThe simple reality is that marketers are all trying to find ways to cut through the media clutter, in a complex and fragmented marketplace. That means being ‘disruptive’, and it means getting your brand to pop up in unexpected places.

Of course, getting an offer for a brand on your phone just when you’re in the shopping aisle could be construed as helpful by some and intrusive by others. Getting a packet of chips just before lunch, whilst seated at your desk, could be perfect timing or it could be seen as intrusive.

Office sampling provides a number of benefits to the prospective marketer:

  • It’s easy to reach a significant number of people in a short timeframe.
  • It’s easy to get people talking about your brand, because they’re huddled around and know one another.
  • The people you’re sampling to are somewhat captive – they’re at their workplace so you don’t have to find them and stop them!
  • With the right gear, it’s possible to make quite an impact in a small space, ensuring you get noticed and remembered.

Let’s look at a real live example:

Target Market A new type of food product aimed at both males and females aged 20-45.

Opportunity We could get to this group through grocery (expensive) or through street sampling (trickier) or through office sampling. Even if we don’t get permission to go inside the office, we know the main times they enter and exit the building, and word soon gets around that you’re sampling!

Most workers these days – and especially Millenials – are time poor.  If something is going to make an impact on their busy schedule it had better be convenient and memorable.  So, going into their office space could be the perfect solution.  Even if they are not at their desk you can always leave a sample on their table for their return!

So if it’s this easy why isn’t everyone doing it?

Well there are a few things that you have to be aware of when sampling in this way.  Here are a few pitfalls to office sampling which you should be aware of.

Size and maneuverability

Offices pay a premium for floor space, so many working spaces are quite cramped, including the corridors, lifts and around cubicles.  Ensure that whatever you use to sample your product is small enough to get around the office and can be easily maneuvered without causing a scene. The last thing you want is for your sampling team to be disturbing everyone for the wrong reason!  Sampling trolleys such as the Click Stand are a perfect solution. They are on wheels, easy to move around and have multiple uses so can be used time and time again.

Displays 2 Go - Mobile units

Volume of product

Think about what you are sampling and how much you will need for the office – no one likes  to be left out especially when you are offering them something for free. Ensure your promotional stands or your sampling trolley is able to carry the amount you require, and if your staff are walking around with sampling trays make sure there is a place that they can re-stock regularly.


It’s not always the case but many offices either have steps leading into a main foyer or are based on an upper floor, so making sure your sampling unit is portable and lightweight is key. It’s important the unit can fit in a lift, and if you are moving around the offices, that it is on an appropriate set of wheels for the environment. If you are setting up a promotional stand then it needs to be lightweight and portable for your staff to carry, and quick and easy to set up.

sampling trollySignage and branding

You need people to associate the activity with your brand, and to ensure your promotional staff stand out from everyone else in the office.  This means thinking carefully about what your staff wear and how they are going sample the product is necessary.  Are your staff going to set up a stand or are they going to be walking around the office?  Do they simply hand the samples over, or do they engage with their audience?  Whatever the decision, make sure your message is clear and can be seen from a distance.

At Displays 2 Go we have an existing range of products that are perfectly suited to office sampling, as well as constantly developing new ideas with our clients.  So talk to us about your requirements and we’ll work with you to deliver a solution that ticks all the boxes.

Gazebo-2-Go Event Marquees

How do you decide on which gazebo to buy, when there are so many options and such huge price differences? Let’s take a look at the market place and consider your options.

Brandstand - Marquee

Frame Material

Most marquee systems utilise either cheap steel framing or more expensive aluminium. The poles also tend to come in various diameters and shapes, which affects price too. Aluminium lasts longer, does not rust, and is more lightweight.

All our Gazebo-2-Go marquees come with aluminium framing. The frame truss sections are 25 x 12mm rectangular shape, and uprights 35 x 35mm square.  We believe this size creates the optimal balance between strength and weight.  And in 7 years we’ve never had an issue with broken poles or struts! Our frame is also one piece, because we know how annoying it is when a piece goes missing!

Brandstand Marquee with Back

Fabric Material

Marquees can be made from a great variety of materials, and this is where manufacturers can make real cost savings. The cheaper gazebos tend to use inferior fabric which is fine for a few hours out in the sun now-and-then, but they’re not designed for our harsh sunlight or for more rugged trade use.

Our Gazebo 2 Go features high-quality, close-mesh, 500 denier polyester material. This is fire retardant and water resistant, and has excellent printing characteristics. And given we’re in the display business, that’s important to us and the brands we work with! As Aussies, the other key factor is UV protection, and all our gazebos offer 100% UV Protection* (rated UPF 50+)

* Actual test results 99.84-99.97% U/V blockout


Brandstand Marquee setupEver laughed at how many Dads it takes to set up the gazebo at a backyard BBQ? So have we, and that’s why we guarantee our gazebo won’t make you look stupid when you try to erect it!

With its ingeniously simple folding system, the Gazebo 2 Go marquee can be set up in less than 60 seconds, without tools, providing superb adaptability for both indoor and outdoor events of all types.

The trick with any gazebo design is to ensure that it’s a good size when up and a really small size when down, and that’s not easy to achieve. The Gazebo 2 Go is extremely compact to transport, and storage is easy.  Plus they come in a range of sizes to suit your needs.

Size Matters

Once you’ve decided on materials, the next choice should be size. Now don’t be shy at this point. Be sure to up-size and cover your bases – that way you’ll only buy once and it will last you for years! Also, consider this – the larger the gazebo, the larger your potential brand logo on the roof or sides.

Displays 2 Go large marquee

Our Gazebo 2 Go is made in four sizes: 2.5 x 2.5 metre, 3.0 x 3.0 metre, 3.0 x 4.5 metre and the eye-watering 3.0 x 6.0 metre

Side Impact?

No, we’re not talking cars here! You might not want the sides now, but isn’t it great know you can add them later, because this system comes with heaps of options, including sides with and without windows, plus half and full sized sides.

Brandstand Gazebo with sides

The Details

Sometimes the beauty is in the detail, and that’s never more so than with the Gazebo 2 Go. Here’s 14 of those details that make the Gazebo 2 Go one of the best options in the market:

  • Moulded brackets from top quality ABS plastic, formed with rounded edges to provide extra protection to the roof from general wear and tear.
  • All seam points are double stitched for added strength and durability.
  • Patented pull-pin locking system ensures easy, finger-safe set-up and collapsing.
  • Double layer of material at peak stress points for extra wear resistance.
  • Central pivot frame design ensures a lifetime of durability.
  • 50mm wide horizontal Velcro strip on lower inside edge of roof to allow sidewalls and/or raingutters to be attached and removed in seconds.
  • Adjustable periscoping height controller allows for a perfect roof fit.
  • Sturdy D-Rings offer additional tie-down security.
  • Patented pull-pin locking system offers easy leg height adjustment and leveling capability on uneven ground. Five different settings with 360mm of height adjustment.
  • Double layer of material at corners to minimize wear and tear.
  • Rust-proof ABS foot pad delivers greater grounding ability for superior stability and safety. Holes provided for ground pegs.
  • Additional Velcro strips are positioned on the roof midway between each leg to help secure the roof to the frame and keep it suitably tensioned.
  • Truss bars capped each end to prevent moisture and dust entering.
  • Advanced seam sealer strip applied to underside of all seams to ensure waterproofing.

Colour Options

That cheap marquee down the road probably comes in a couple of colour options. Not ours though – the Gazebo 2 Go comes with 8 (yes that’s right, 8) standard ex-stock colour options! And if you want your own colour, we can do that too.

Interchangeable Branded Canopy Option

Why not save money by buying one gazebo and a variety of different branded canopy options?  It makes perfect sense when you think about, and that’s just what we did; thought about it and came up with a great solution!


Does the marquee you’re looking at come with many accessories? Probably not. The Gazebo 2 Go comes with more accessories than a ladies’ handbag!

  • flooring options
  • spouting solutions to keep your guests dry
  • case options
  • sand bags
  • weighted pole bases

So when people contact us about buying a gazebo, and then tell us about the deal down the road, we always advise them to look at the details. Our Gazebo 2 Go marquee is one of the best in the world. It’s designed for commercial use and comes with a 5 year guarantee. We’ll also be around to answer your questions and give you whatever advice you need, because after sales support and service should also be an important part of your buying decision.

If you’re looking for a gazebo for any of the following, then call us today.  We’re sure we have the best solution for you.

Brandstand Marquee

•Sporting Events

•Animal & Pet Shows

•Market Stalls, Fairs & Gala Days

•Building Sites & Contractors

•Motorsports & Surf Clubs

•BBQ and Party Hire Companies

•Emergency Services


Aldi refocuses its attention

Some commentary suggests Aldi’s decision to close their online liquor store is a sign of failure, and proposes this could be the first of many setbacks for the retail giant in Australia.  I have to say I beg to differ and can only salute their decision. In my mind Aldi have tested the market and have stuck to their goals – if it ain’t working, get out!  Why waste time, money and energy trying to make something work.

Displays 2 go - Aldi Brand

Aldi have been open and honest with their customers, and have even emailed them with an explanation as to why they are closing. This intimate approach shows a thoughtfulness towards their customers, and more importantly indicates the value they place in them. It was important that users of the service found out via Aldi directly, not from the morning tabloid or radio news. The email clearly pointed out that Aldi wanted to focus on continuing to provide a great customer experience whilst still being able to maintain low prices.

It is clear that Aldi knows their core focus, which suggests why it took ten years to get liquor in their supermarkets in the first place. Despite winning medals at some of the local wine shows, Aldi has indicated it wants to be known as the discount supermarket chain that offers a great store experience and value to its clients above all else.

I think as a business we can only take our hats off to Aldi and applaud their initiative, their focus, and their ability to react to the marketplace so quickly. There are many businesses that could learn from this – including their competitors!

Phil Hine is the General Manager at Displays 2 Go Australia’s leading manufacturer of in-store demonstration and sampling equipment. With an outstanding range of products, a clear understanding of the marketplace and custom built designs that provide the perfect solutions to meet your needs, why not give us a call?

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Predictions for 2016

As we start our year in 2016 we can be sure of one thing – change! What was new and exciting  to our customers last year might not have so much impact this year. So how do we prepare for this, and how can we predict the ways in which we can best influence our target audience? Here are a few top tips from us and the people in the know at

Displays 2 Go - Predictions for 2016Put Some Time Into the Relationship

Relationship marketing is where it is at in 2016, so make sure you think about how you can make your campaigns personal in order to foster loyalty and long-term engagement.

At Displays 2 Go we have seen how effective experiential campaigns and sampling can be when aimed directly at the consumer, so finding ways to increase this relationship is key. Being able to build relationships with potential customers by creating “touch points” with them after they’ve engaged with your brand can be very effective. have also said that the increase of mobile interaction has been a key driver in the rise of relationship marketing, so companies should integrate this into their plans for 2016.

Nothing Wrong with a bit of Customer Location-Tracking

Sounds disturbing and a little Orwellian but like it or not, location-based marketing is here and it’s going to rear its head in even bigger ways next year. The rise of location technology, such as iBeacons will allow you to target customers right at your location. iBeacons work off Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. These tiny transmitters can be set up in a bricks and mortar store, when a customer walks in you will be alerted and you can send location-specific information on sales straight to their smartphone.

At Displays 2 Go we’re busy exploring the integration of this technology into our sampling stands, so that sampling campaigns become even more effective.

The Future is Here

Virtual reality is, well, a marketing reality. Virtual reality gives marketers the ability to provide immersive experiences to customers all over the world, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You can give them a 360-degree tour of a car; take them through a beach-side villa in the Maldives or take them on a ride in the business-class section of an airliner.

We’re exploring ways of giving customers a more engaging and immersive brand experience by integrating virtual reality into our sampling stands and experiential displays.

However we also know that smelling, tasting and feeling the product is a huge influence when running sampling campaigns, so it’s still important to get out there in front of your customer!

Displays 2 Go - Sampling

Say Your Piece and Leave

A lot of these marketing techniques are being developed specifically for the millennial market. What millennials love more than anything else is ephemeral marketing. Short, sharp bursts of information that don’t hang around. Snapchat is the perfect platform for ephemeral marketing, and companies are already taking advantage of this. The beauty of Snapchat is that the video disappears, so you get the opportunity to deliver marketing that truly engages on a personal level without being obtrusive.

Many might describe supermarket sampling in the same way. It’s short, sharp, disruptive and then it’s gone, as the shopper moves on down the aisle.

Nothing is More Ephemeral than a Video

Following on from the previous point, video marketing is going to stake a big claim this year as the king of all marketing content. Video marketing is a great example of ephemeral marketing because it has an expiry date, it has a set duration and then it’s gone.  Millennials, with their shorter attention span and thirst for image-over-text, love it. YouTube is a monster and will continue to grow, and now even Google has decided it can’t ignore the moving picture any longer. Video advertising will be introduced to your search engine results page (SERP) and, who knows, before too long the whole SERP may be made up of videos. It’s worth remembering that Google owns YouTube, so the evolution of video ads is a huge unknown thanks to the extraordinary variety of possibilities.

At Displays 2 Go we have a range of display solutions that integrate screens and interactive displays into your display solution to take full advantage of the power of video.

The Internet is Everywhere!

Well it already is, but know that in the near future it’s going to be everywhere in a wearable, physical sense. The ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) is happening – 28 per cent of people will have adopted wearable technology by next year. This means that all the creepy marketers and analysts out there will be able to track our every move. This won’t only affect the way we market; it will also have an effect on the data we collect, which will be based far more heavily on customer behaviour.

Stop Denying the Inevitable

Some would argue this has already happened, and those with their heads in the sand would like to downplay it’s importance, but one thing is clear. Next year, mobile will have been unanimously declared the undisputed heavyweight champion of internet traffic. The Google algorithm change was made in a response to this and mobile traffic has outstripped PC traffic in 10 countries already. Expect that number to climb sharply, and keep your marketing efforts PC-focused at your peril.

Does SIRI Know Who You Are?

Currently, people turn to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and pay-per-click advertising when they are trying to increase their visibility. But, could 2016 usher in another way of getting your name out there? More and more people are getting their information through digital assistants like Siri and Cortana. These assistants only turn to Google and other search engines if they don’t already have the answer themselves. The key to optimising your company so that you’re visible to Siri and Cortana is to make your information easily accessible, as opposed to trying to push them specifically towards your site.

Displays 2 Go - Predictions for 2016

Does Anyone Read Anymore?

Of course they do, but all the signs are pointing to the diminishing importance of articles, and an increase in the importance of interactive content.  Interactive content, like surveys and quizzes, is far more engaging and can be consumed on the go. If you’ve got a five-minute coffee break, the research says you’re far more likely to spend it watching a video or filling out a quick survey than reading a blog post or scanning an article. Taking into account the irony that this warning is written in an article, it may be time for marketers to spend a little less energy on crafting their prose and more time brushing up on their video editing skills. There will always be a place for the written article but when there are so many articles to compete against, widening your skill set isn’t such a bad idea.

Through experiential campaigns it provides clients with the potential to create hours of video content to engage with thousands of consumers. Rarely do they have to read anything – just listen, play, and taste.

So whether you’re completely on board with this or not, it’s all food for thought and one that we at Displays 2 Go thought was insightful.