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Getting Maximum Value from your Promotional Collateral

In today’s age, many businesses are having their budgets tightened but are still expected to promote their products with regular campaigns and collateral. If this sounds like a dilemma you are faced with, this article may help you.

Displays 2 Go - Mall display

We all know that promoting a product or service is about creating a marketing message that “speaks” to your target market. This should be done by appealing to customer sensitivities that trigger an emotional reaction. The message needs to be very clear to grab their attention. It should tell them how you can solve their problem, why they should trust you, and why they should choose to do business with you over and above any other choice they might have.

For example, you might be a power company that needs to win new clients. Your main message might be “talk to us about how to slash hundreds off your electricity bill.” From this message alone we immediately attract our target market, i.e. people who are concerned with how much they currently pay on power. In your message you have told them that you can ‘help them save’ – something everyone wants to hear.  Having gained your prospective customers’ interest, you now need to gain their trust. This could be accomplished solely with your corporate branding or with the promotional staff you have working on your campaign.

Whether it’s an in-store sampling campaign or a competition, having a smart marketing message is key to staying within budget. If you think smart from the beginning then you will be able to use this collateral time and time again.  Here are three key points you should consider when building new collateral.

BRANDING – If you think about any collateral there are two types of branding;

  • the master branding
  • the campaign-specific branding

The master branding is ‘permanent’ – the thing that does not change – for example the company logo and colour. The campaign-specific branding is ‘temporary’ – the interchangeable sections. By making this distinction between the two it can not only help with determining your messaging but can also shape how your collateral can look.  E.g., if you have one of our fold-flat competition entry units, you can use the base for your corporate/permanent branding, then swap the header graphic over for each individual promotion.

Displays 2 Go - competition entry box

TIMELESS – Try to make your messages timeless by – where possible – resisting the urge to add dates. Also think about whether this summer’s promo may still be relevant next summer.  If so, look at how you can word the collateral so it stays relevant for more than one season.

GRAPHICS – Use interchangeable graphic solutions wherever possible, utilising repositionable print media, graphics that attach with Velcro, or graphics that can slide in and out of a frame.

At Displays 2 Go we have years of experience in this field and have clients who come back to us for each new campaign, using the original table, box or other display system we made for them. Why not give us a call so we can help you stay in budget, on 1300 240 250.

Experiential predicted to rise.


More and more marketers are realising the importance of sponsorships and brand engagement in leveraging an emotional connection with their brand. A recent article in Event magazine in the UK highlighted the increasing number of brands looking to boost their use of experiential and events channels this year – a 54% increase over 2014!

Here in Australia we’re seeing an increasing number of events, festivals, shows and outdoor activities; not only music festivals but food and wine festivals too. The weather forecasters are telling us its going to be a long hot summer, so these events are likely to be well attended.

When investing in these events, it’s important that brands ensure they connect well with attendees so as to ensure a strong association between their ‘good times’ and the brand. Delivering strong branding is a critical element.

Displays 2 Go has a huge range of branded display options, perfect for use both outdoors and in, and robust enough to take all that our weather can throw at it. Our team have built entire outdoor event solutions, sampling booths and experiential campaigns for brands like Cadbury, Ben & Jerry’s and Woolworths. We even have branded tricycles that you can take out into the field to really get noticed this summer.

Displays 2 Go - Ben and Jerrys Ice cream roadshow
Give us a call on 1300 240 250 to discuss your summertime requirements.