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Gazebo-2-Go Event Marquees

Gazebos are a must-have at any outside event, providing shade from the sun, shelter from the rain or protection from the wind.  At Displays 2 Go we understand how hard it is to make a decision on which Gazebo to buy when there are so many options and such huge price differences.  So let’s consider your options:

Displays 2 Go Gazebo with back and sidesFrame Material

Marquee frames can be built from either steel (cheaper, but heavier) or aluminium (more expensive, but lighter).  Most domestic-standard marquee systems utilise thin aluminium framing poles.  The poles can come in various diameters, with the thinnest being the cheapest.

All our Gazebo-2-Go marquees come with aluminium framing throughout, with the uprights in a 35mm x 35mm profile, and truss sections in 25mm x 12mm.  We think this sizing provides the perfect weight-to-strength ratio, and in 7 years we’ve never had an issue with broken frames!  Our frame is also one piece, because we know how annoying it is when a section goes missing!

Fabric Material

Different marquee brands use very different construction materials, and this is where low-end manufacturers can make real cost savings.  The cheaper gazebos tend to use inferior fabric, which is fine for a few hours out in the sun now and again, but they’re not designed for our harsh Aussie sunlight or for more rugged trade use.

Our Gazebo-2-Go features high-quality, close-mesh 500 denier polyester material.  This is fire retardant and water resistant, and has excellent printing characteristics.  And given we’re in the display business, that’s important to us and the brands we work with!  The other key factor is UV protection, and all our gazebos offer 100% UV Protection* (rated UPF 50+)

* Actual test results 99.84-99.97% U/V blockout


Ever laughed at how many dads it takes to set up the gazebo at a backyard BBQ?  So have we, and that’s why we guarantee our gazebo won’t make you look inept when you erect it!

With its ingeniously simple folding system, the Gazebo-2-Go Marquee can be set up in less than 60 seconds – without tools – providing superb adaptability for both indoor and outdoor events of all types.

The trick with any gazebo design is to ensure that it’s a good size when up and a really small size when down, and that’s not easy to achieve.  The Gazebo-2-Go is extremely compact so transport and storage is easy, plus they come in a range of sizes to suit your needs.

Displays 2 Go Gazebo Cycle

Size Matters

Once you’ve decided on materials, the next choice should be size.  Now don’t be shy at this point; it’s a good idea to choose one size bigger than you think you need right now and build in some room to grow.  That way you’ll only buy once and it will last you for years!  Also, consider this: The larger the gazebo the larger your potential brand logo on the roof or sides.

Our Gazebo-2-Go comes in these sizes: 2.5 x 2.5m, 3.0 x 3.0m, 3.0 x 4.5m, and the eye-watering 3.0 x 6.0 metres.

V gazeboSide Impact?

No, we’re not talking cars here!  You might not want the sides now, but isn’t it great know you can add them later, because this system comes with heaps of options, including sides with and without windows, plus half and full sized sides.

The Details

Sometimes the devil’s in the details and that’s never more true than with the Gazebo-2-Go. Here’s 13 of those details that make the Gazebo-2-Go one of the best options in the market:

  • Moulded brackets from top quality ABS plastic formed with rounded edges to provide extra protection to the roof from general wear and tear.
  • All seam points are double stitched for added strength and durability.
  • Patented pull-pin locking system ensures easy, finger-safe set-up and disassembly.
  • Double layer of material at peak for extra wear resistance and on corners to minimise wear and tear.
  • Central Pivot design ensures a lifetime of durability.
  • 50mm wide horizontal Velcro strip on lower inside edge of roof to allow sidewalls and/or rain gutters to be attached/removed in seconds.
  • Advanced periscoping height controller allows for a perfect roof fit.
  • Sturdy D-Rings offer additional tie-down security.
  • Patented pull-pin locking system offers easy leg height adjustment and levelling capability on uneven ground. Five different settings with 360mm of height adjustment.
  • Rust proof ABS foot pad delivers greater grounding ability for superior stability and safety. Holes provided for ground pegs.
  • Additional Velcro strips are positioned on the roof midway between each leg to help secure the roof to the frame and keep it suitably tensioned.
  • Truss bars capped each end to help prevent moisture and dust entering.
  • Advanced seam sealer strip applied to underside of all seams to provide waterproofing.

Colour Options

Displays 2 Go Colour sample


That cheap marquee down the road probably comes in a couple of colour options.  Not ours though – the Gazebo-2-Go come with 8 (yes that’s right, 8) standard ex-stock colour options!  And if you want another colour, we can do that too – it just might take a little longer and cost a little more.


Interchangeable Branded Canopy Option

Why not save money by buying one Gazebo and various different branded canopies?  It makes perfect sense when you think about, and that’s just what we did, thought about it and came up with a great solution!


Does the marquee you’re looking at come with many accessories? Probably not.  The Gazebo-2-Go comes with more accessories than a lady’s handbag!

  • spouting solutions to keep your guests dry
  • case options
  • sand bags
  • weighted pole bases

So when people contact us about buying a gazebo, and then tell us about the deal down the road, we always tell them to look at the details.  Our Gazebo-2-Go marquee is one of the best in the world.  It’s designed for commercial use and comes with a 5 year guarantee.  We’ll also be around to answer your questions and sell you another in 7 years, because after-sales support and service should also be an important part of your buying decision.

If you’re looking for a gazebo for any of the following, then call us today.  We’re sure we have the best solution for you.

•Sporting Events

•Animal & Pet Shows

•Camping & Beach Shade

•Market Stalls, Fairs & Gala Days

•Building Sites & Contractors

•BBQ, Parties and Outdoor Dining


•Emergency Services


Click-Stand – the new mobile sampling unit

Want a new mobile sampling solution for your next in-store campaign?  Ever wished you could move your sampling table around the supermarket targeting people that are your prime audience?  Sure, you can use a vendor tray but sometimes you need more hands, or the product is too big for the tray.

At Displays 2 Go we listen to what clients want and have come up with a new retail hybrid unit we’re calling the Click-Stand.  This clever design has a range of click-on/click-off components to enable you to showcase different companion pieces according to the product your displaying. For example an entry box, a vendor tray, extra product shelving, a TV, a prize wheel for generating genuine in-store theatre, an interactive iPad or additional signage.

Display 2 Go Click-Stand Images

As with all our products, we have kept the concept simple and quick to assemble.  It’s lightweight and compact making it easy to transport, even with the additional click-on components.  Using our simple ‘click’ feature you can swap over your companion pieces in a few seconds.  This gives you complete freedom and flexibility to create a display that’s customised to your exact requirements, and because the click-stand is on wheels it’s a mobile unit that can move around the store or shopping mall with each activation.

The Click-Stand is as versatile as you want it to be, so why not give us a call to discuss how we can create a solution that’s right for you.

Don’t look back in anger

In today’s world we all want quick and easy wins, and the exhibition display world is no different.  Most exhibition stands are now easy to assemble and you can even fit them in your car.  Don’t believe me?  Then you need to read on.

Gone are the days when you had to organise a van to come and collect your 30kg stand from the office and deliver it to the exhibition hall.  These days, using lightweight aluminium and fabric panels means it can all fit into one small case and on the front seat of your car!

So how have traditional displays changed in the last few years?

Pop-Up Walls

images-10So-called traditional displays are considered to be spider frame stands with laminated drop panels.  Let’s be honest: They’re a nightmare to assemble and hang!  Who remembers these scenarios:

  • Trying to line up the panels so they are straight
  • Trying to carry the cumbersome panels without knocking the corners
  • Trying to roll up the panels so they don’t become cracked and damaged
  • Finding that panels have been scuffed when dismantling the stand

When the stand is constructed and looking it’s best you need to ensure that all the images are aligned and that the seams are pushed together.  This is not always easy, especially as the laminated panels reflect light, making the seams more prominent.  Of course there is a plus side: If you get all the construction right then these traditional displays are very impressive and the graphic quality is spectacular but most people don’t have the time or experience to do this any more.  So here’s what the new generation can offer you.

Introducing the SuperWall, a portable display solution that is lightweight, easy to use and as effective as traditional displays.  So what’s it all about?

trade-show-backdropThe SuperWall comes in different sizes and shapes but essentially it is made from an aluminium snap lock frame that can be constructed in minutes, not hours!  A fabric graphic sleeve slides over the frame like a pillowcase and presents superbly.  There are no seams to line up or worry about and the big difference is that the print quality on the fabric is stunning.  Watch our video to see how easy it really is.

Using fabric allows the user to access print technology known as dye sublimation, which can deliver extraordinarily vibrant, impactful graphic reproduction.  It’s perfect for throwing in your washing machine as the inks are permanently part of the fabric, making it both colour fast and colour safe.  Dye sublimation uses water-based inks, and fabrics are up to 90% recycled, making it one of the most eco-friendly display solutions available.

Exhibition Wall Graphics

_iKOU fabric Graphics 2 Go and portable plinths 2Exhibition wall graphics are a cost effective and important part of your display and if they are not presented professionally then you may as well pack up and go home.  Past wall graphics were either a combination of rolling panels that had to be linked up to form a picture or a number of folding laminated panels that made one large image.  They took up a lot of space and were not only hard to transport but also hard to handle – especially 5’4″ and wearing heels!

In today’s display arena we can offer you a one piece graphic that simply Velcros to your existing wall, whether carpeted or smooth.  It pulls tight giving a nice flat stunning image with no seams!



Sales Tables and Plinths

1369604175Sales tables and plinths are often used for exhibitions and product sampling in supermarkets or shopping malls.  The old style version was made from either timber or polystyrene.  Either way they were bulky to move around and often hard to assemble.

Today these tables come in an array of sizes, depending on your needs, so if you require a small compact work area or a larger table to cook on, there are different models to fit your needs.  Each plinth weighs just a few kilos, but will support over 70kg in weight themselves.  They fold flat for easy storage and transportation and require no tools to assemble. You can easily add a customised finish with your logo, graphics or corporate colours.

So, if you need to upgrade your exhibition stands or sales tables then ask about these new generation portable products and give them a go.  You will never look back.




Pack like a Pro?

D2G - how to pack a suitcaseWhether you’re going on a business trip or a taking a holiday in the sun, one thing is for certain: you will need to pack.

Packing – or rather how much you pack – used to be a matter of personal preference. But as airlines turn the screws on personal baggage allowance, packing has become a financial decision too. We all know the benefits of just having carry on and ideally all of us would like to travel with light hand luggage but when you are on a business trip and need to take some marketing paraphernalia that’s not easy.

Here are some top tips for packing light and packing right!

Think before you pack

The days of taking everything are long gone so think about what you need and where you are going. If you are on a business trip, think strategically and mix and match – take clothes that work together as outfits, and shoes that work with everything.

Know your carry on rules

D2G - LuggageDifferent airlines have different carry on requirements, so check your bag is acceptable – both in size and weight – before you go. If you’re flying with equipment for work then make sure the bag can fit in the overhead cabins. If it’s going in the hold then make sure the bag is strong and its contents can withstand the handling.

D2G - Carry case


At Displays 2 Go we have designed our carry cases to be lightweight and versatile. For instance our Fabric Display Superwalls are designed to fit neatly into one small case, we use aluminium clip frames and a fabric sleeve so it’s lightweight and can be taken on board as hand luggage. The case can also double as a demonstration table! See how easy it is to assemble in this video.


Transportation Security Administration (TSA) friendly bags save a lot of time at security check points as your laptop can stay in your bag. So if you prefer to travel with a separate computer bag, look for one that is TSA friendly. There are 3 designs that are currently accepted.

D2G - TSA friendly

As with all electronics, you need to have chargers and all the accessories that go with it, including adapters if you are travelling internationally. If you’re checking a bag, pack all your gadgets in your carry-on and never pack a device in a bag separate from its charger!

D2G - gadgets

Make use of the shoes

Shoes are bulky and heavy – and also, admittedly, necessary – so make use of the space inside. This is the perfect place to stuff your socks, pants, swimming costumes. A good way to take up less space is to pack your shoes heel-to-toe, and pack around the outside of the case.  Always put heavy items like this at the bottom of your case.

Pack like a pro

Are you a roller, a folder or a bundle wrapper? These are the 3 most popular approaches to packing, so which one are you?

D2G - roll-clothes-packingThe Roller – Fold each item in half, then carefully coil it up before placing it in your carry-on and filling all the corners. Ensure your clothes are tightly rolled and then tightly packed in your suit case to avoid creases creeping in.




The Folder – Fold your clothes as you would at home, then place them between sheets of dry-cleaner plastic (or tissue), which helps keep wrinkles away.

Also consider leaving items on their hangers so you can just pop them into the hotel closet upon arrival.




D2G - bundle wrapping 2The Bundle Wrapper – Start with smaller items and wrap these in a T-shirt, then continue to wrap all your clothes leaving the shirts and blazer to last. The wrapper is not that easy to explain and as with most things a picture paints a thousand words so watch this video and be amazed!